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French Language Recruitment

If you’re a business owner or manager looking to hire employees with specific skills in the French language you may find it difficult to recruit individuals who can meet both your technical and language requirements. That’s why you need a multilingual recruitment company like French Recruitment. We specialise in providing permanent staff for positions that require fluency in French. We’re also experts at helping French speaking workers find available positions in their field of choice.

At French Recruitment our expert knowledge, profession and drive, and personal commitment to your success all work hand-in-hand to ensure the right workers are always matched with the right opportunities. We are one of the leading bilingual recruitment agencies in the UK and we have more than 10 years experience to show for it.

The importance of language skills

When French Recruitment was first started it was with the knowledge that communication among employees and clients is paramount to successful business. Therefore, bilingual recruitment agencies that only put minimal effort into finding fluent French speakers were not serving their customers well. We understand the importance of good language skills and how they can positively affect your business. We also know that poor language skills can be detrimental to your organisation. That's why we put as much emphasis on fluency as we do job proficiency.

When you choose French Recruitment as your bilingual recruitment service you can rest assured knowing that we take pride in our work and the results we produce. We put every effort into finding the best professionals to fill your position; professionals who can and do the job right with the necessary language skills to effectively communicate. And we offer professionals in dozens of different categories including sales, marketing, customer services, accounting, IT, and so much more.

Workers need recruitment services as well

If you’re a French speaking worker in need of a position, a qualified bilingual recruitment agency is just what you need. Your job search becomes that much more profitable when you employ an agency like French Recruitment that knows the ins and outs of language recruitment. We know what positions are out there, we know what language skills are required, and we know how to perfectly match you with the opportunity of your dreams. We encourage you to send us your CV today and let us get started on matching you with the right company.

For more than 10 years French Recruitment has faithfully served the business community and working professionals by providing a perfect match between the two. You can contact us at one of our two offices located in London and Newcastle. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping to fulfil your multilingual recruitment needs.

Please note
French Recruitment is now part of French German Recruitment. Please visit French German Recruitment for more information and to send us your CV.